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The prestigious Fraser Heights area has a small town feel as it is isolated from  the rest of Surrey by Highway 1 to the South, and the Fraser River to the North. Yet it is located just minutes away from major shopping areas including Guildford Town Centre and all the main transportation routes to Vancouver, Richmond and the USA including the Pacific Highway and the South Fraser Perimeter Road. The area also has regular bus service with bus stops on the main roads throughout the neighbourhood.

For kids there are four conveniently located, and highly rated public Elementary Schools, a public High School with a two year IB program, and a private Christian school that also has an IB program. Neighbourhood amenities include a Nesters Grocery Store, walk in medical clinics, dental offices, churches, major banks, pharmacies, a recreation centre, abundant parks and playgrounds as well as a skateboard park, a water park, tennis courts, Starbucks, Tim Hortons, an A & W restaurant plus much more. Everything you need is located here including abundant parks, walking trails and places to ride your bike. 

Fraser Heights is recognized as a safe location for families where neighbours look out for one another. There is also a very active community association that does a great job of keeping the neighbourhood involved and informed about any issues or concerns in the area.


Fraser Heights History

This area was originally a rural farming community of small hobby farms with mostly gravel roads. There were no stop lights, streetlights or even a four way stop sign. The corner of 160th street and 108th avenue where Fraser Heights Village Mall sits today was a horse pasture until the mall was built in the early 1990's. The other corners at the intersection were all just forest. Fraser Heights Secondary opened in the year 2,000. Where now is a stoplight  there was originally just a stop sign on 108th avenue. Over the years this changed to a four way stop and then to the lights with the left turn lane that is there today. 


The neighbourhood has changed immensely over the years. From having less than a couple of hundred homes back then to now nearly 5,000 homes. Fraser Prospect and Fraser Ridge neighbourhoods on the crest of the hill on 112th avenue were a sand and gravel pit. Erma Stephenson Elementary was the only school in the area.  Access to the area at that time was along 160 street similar to today, or from 152 street where there used to be a little exit that would put you onto 110th avenue. As the neighbourhood grew the traffic jams became legendary as people tried to turn onto 160 street from 104th avenue. The first major development in the area began with the Fraser Glen subdivision in the early 1980's.

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